coin master free cards

coin master free cards

Coin Master cards are a gameplay section of Coin Master that only opens up after you’ve played a bit of a Coin Master. At first, the Coin Master developers obviously want you to internalize the basic mechanics of Coin Master before letting you get the Coin Master free cards.

Basically, Coin Master is a slot machine with features that classic slot machines do not offer. The theme of this article alone makes that clear: Coin Master free Cards. But there’s more to Coin Master: with the coins you win at the Coin Master Machine, you can build pretty little villages, among other things.

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At the same time you can attack the villages of other players in Coin Master or defend your village – provided you get the correct fields when shooting at the machine. On top of that, there are numerous bonus options and events, but it really only really interesting with the Coin Master free cards.

Coin Master Cards: Basics

The Coin Master cards are split into different sets, and depending on where you arrived in Coin Master, you’ll unlock more set boxes, which you can then fill with the corresponding Coin Master cards. So be prepared for fierce card collecting fever!

Important to know: The Coin Master cards you get depend on player reports as to how advanced your village is. This means that the starting villages will hardly give you rare Coin Master cards – but later villages will. Assuming of course the Coin Master developers do not change that with any update, which of course can never be ruled out.

If you complete a set, you will receive various bonuses such as additional shoots on the Coin Master machine or a new pet. The latter, in turn, can be very helpful to you if you want to capture even more Coin Master cards, as you will learn in the next paragraph.

This is how you get Coin Master free cards

For example, you can get Coin Master cards as prizes at special events or on raids as you dig for coins in other players’ villages. Sometimes you discover a chest with Coin Master cards in it. Chests can also be purchased with the coins you receive while playing Coin Master.

To do this, select in the menu the item “Load” and then “Chests”. As you can see, you have the choice between a relatively cheap wooden chest, a gold chest and an expensive, magical chest. You probably already suspect: The more expensive the chest, the higher the probability of finding even rare Coin Master cards in it.

However, there are other ways to get Coin Master free cards. Double Coin Master cards can be passed on to other Coin Master players. This opens up the opportunity for one or the other exchange, which may finally give you the one special Coin Master card you’ve been looking for for so long. There are even special file sharing games for Coin Master cards and the game will automatically suggest you, after a while, to link you to a particular one on Facebook.

What you should do under no circumstances

Please keep your fingers off the numerous cheats and hacks that go around Coin Master on the net. You promise endless coins or ultra-rare Coin Master cards and everything you want – the main thing is, you install a small program. Please do not fall for it.

You should also exercise caution when it comes to the many opportunities in Coin Master to spend your hard-earned money: Since Coin Master is based on slot machines, you should generally take care of your wallet. We recommend that you at least set a fixed limit on spending on Coin Master, for example, per month from the outset and then really does not exceed. Even with the in-game currency can be fun.

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