coin master app review

coin master app review

Millions of people are currently playing the game Coin Master – hopefully everyone will know that the game has been improved again. You do not know it? We will tell you more about coin master app review also some others coins master tips and tricks.So keep reading our article about coin master review. In Coin Master you can quickly call a whole village your own. Fight your opponents – preferably your own Facebook friends, build your fleet of ships and spin on the Wheel of Fortune to get more coins. Coin Master gives free of charge in the respective stores (update from September 30, 2019).

And that awaits you in Coin Master: Right after the installation, you can decide whether you want to play as a guest or with your Facebook login. Decide what you want and you’re in your first village. The tutorial explains how you can build. Click on the hammer on the left, pick a village shop and go.

Play Coin Master for free

At the beginning of the game each player gets 75,000 coins, the first 60,000 go for the first house on it. But you receive a star for every object you build. If you have cashed 20 of them, you automatically get to the next village.

Forgive your Viking, because that’s you in the game, a name and pick a character. As soon as you are logged in with your Facebook account, you will see your own profile picture. Spend your money as fast as possible to expand your home or your ship, because that’s how you earn stars and you can reach the next level of the game. Android gamers get the game here.

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Coin master review

If you no longer have coins, swipe your finger on the screen from top to bottom to play the slot machine. Here you not only collect money, but you can also attack other villages. Also, win shields to protect your village from attacking Vikings. Grab the most loot and make your village the strongest village of all and become a Coin Master pro! The iPhone version is available at this point.

The Wheel of Fortune is not the only way to get coins. You can also just steal them! Invade other players and grab enough loot to build your village. Always defend yourself against your enemies and show them where to go! Avenge yourselves on all who attack your village and take what you deserve! iPad players get the game here.

Of course you also have the opportunity to spend real money in this mobile game, but I think that’s not necessary. The Wheel of Fortune truly rewards you and makes your pockets full again quickly. There are more coin games at this point.

Features Of Coin Master

  • Nice graphics
  • Simple control
  • Log in with your Facebook account and play against your friends
  • Leaderboard
  • Spin the slot machine to win attacks or coins
  • Chat feature
  • Optional in-app purchases
  • Different worlds


Coin Master is fun and does well without advertising. I like it and therefore can only recommend the installation to you.Do you love this article about coin master review? Comment here.

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