coin master app review

coin master app review

Millions of people are currently playing the game Coin Master – hopefully everyone will know that the game has been improved again. You do not know it? We will tell you more about coin master app review also some others coins master tips and tricks.So keep reading our article about coin master review. In Coin Master you can quickly call a whole village your own. Fight your opponents – preferably your own Facebook friends, build your fleet of ships and spin on the Wheel of Fortune to get more coins. Coin Master gives free of charge in the respective stores (update from September 30, 2019).

And that awaits you in Coin Master: Right after the installation, you can decide whether you want to play as a guest or with your Facebook login. Decide what you want and you’re in your first village. The tutorial explains how you can build. Click on the hammer on the left, pick a village shop and go.

Play Coin Master for free

At the beginning of the game each player gets 75,000 coins, the first 60,000 go for the first house on it. But you receive a star for every object you build. If you have cashed 20 of them, you automatically get to the next village.

Forgive your Viking, because that’s you in the game, a name and pick a character. As soon as you are logged in with your Facebook account, you will see your own profile picture. Spend your money as fast as possible to expand your home or your ship, because that’s how you earn stars and you can reach the next level of the game. Android gamers get the game here.

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Coin master review

If you no longer have coins, swipe your finger on the screen from top to bottom to play the slot machine. Here you not only collect money, but you can also attack other villages. Also, win shields to protect your village from attacking Vikings. Grab the most loot and make your village the strongest village of all and become a Coin Master pro! The iPhone version is available at this point.

The Wheel of Fortune is not the only way to get coins. You can also just steal them! Invade other players and grab enough loot to build your village. Always defend yourself against your enemies and show them where to go! Avenge yourselves on all who attack your village and take what you deserve! iPad players get the game here.

Of course you also have the opportunity to spend real money in this mobile game, but I think that’s not necessary. The Wheel of Fortune truly rewards you and makes your pockets full again quickly. There are more coin games at this point.

Features Of Coin Master

  • Nice graphics
  • Simple control
  • Log in with your Facebook account and play against your friends
  • Leaderboard
  • Spin the slot machine to win attacks or coins
  • Chat feature
  • Optional in-app purchases
  • Different worlds


Coin Master is fun and does well without advertising. I like it and therefore can only recommend the installation to you.Do you love this article about coin master review? Comment here.

coin master free spins link

coin master free spins link

You want Coin Master Free Spins? We’ll tell you how to get as many Coin Master shoots as you want! If you follow these Coin Master tips, you will not be able to save yourself from Coin Master Free Spins.

It’s always the same: No sooner have you used a few Coin Master spins (also called Coin Master shoots, twists or attempts), all Coin Master spins are used up! Even if you have a lot of Coin Master spins, the Coin Master Spins are gone – as if by magic. How can that be?

The main reason is that the Coin Master Spins in the automatic mode of Coin Master are consumed very fast and you also do not have to move a finger (unless it is in between times a Coin Master robbery). Especially the latter contributes to the fact that the consumption of the shoots feels even more, as if they had not been used properly – just because you have basically done almost nothing with the Coin Master Free Spins actively.

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Coin Master Strategy

This is quite the gameplay principle of this game, but do not worry: Coin Master offers you plenty of opportunities to get more Coin Master Spins for free. In the following paragraphs, we describe in detail what you need to look out.

learn more about the game

The most obvious way you can get Coin Master Free Spins right at the beginning: Of course, the Blue Lightning canisters are not in the slot machine of Coin Master. However, you need a lot of luck, so that at the Coin Master shoots three canisters in the middle row are left standing and you get 10 Free Spins.

Bonus tip: If you increase your bet before the shoots, there are more Spins (for example in “2x”). However, of course, the risk is higher that you consume your Coin Master spins even faster.

As soon as you have only ten Coin Master spins left, another blue canister appears in the lower right corner, ie outside the slot machine – tapping on it to see commercials. You will receive a coin master shoot per advertising clip.

Overall, however, you can only look at four promotional clips at a time, so get four spins. Then you have to try again later, so you can get more Coin Master spins this way. In the meantime, it’s best to hand over your coins to upgrade your village, as Spins will also be available after completing a village!

Get more free Coin Master spins at tournaments and special events, which the game points out with large pop-up windows – so do not automatically always click away unread. Check out the one or the other info to see if you are attracted to an event and mglw. especially easy Coin Master Spins can bring. There have been events where, for example, you only had to make a few village attacks to be directly rewarded with 50 or more Spins!

Although you always have the choice of just waiting one hour to get five cm spins, there are other ways to fill your pockets with Coin Master shoots, especially if you do not alone!

So you get with the help of friends Coin Master Spins

You can also earn Free Spins by completing Coin Master Cards Sets. It can be done with effort and patience alone, but with friends much easier and faster by trading Coin Master cards with them. Find out more about the theme of the card in our tips article on the Coin Master cards!

A whopping 40 Spins (number can vary depending on the progress of the game) puts Coin Master on the table when you invite friends via Facebook or various messengers to Coin Master: As soon as they connect with Coin Master via Facebook, you will receive the Spins – per friend!

You should also not miss the item “Gifts” in the main menu of Coin Master. There you can send spins (called “Free Trials”) to your Facebook friends, who also play Coin Master. If these friends are not completely ungrateful, you will most likely get Coin Master Spins as well.

Important to know: If you send Spins to your friends, you will not lose any of your own Spins!

Fast Coin Master Spins for the most impatient

Your laboriously built village is being attacked and you need urgent Coin Master Spins right now.but have already tried everything described in the previous paragraphs? Then all you have to do is choose between “biting into the bullet and watching your village be destroyed” or even win your wallet and buy Coin Master spins.

But before you spend your hard-earned money, you should definitely set a fixed, financial limit for you that you do not exceed – come what may. Basically, Coin Master works very much like a slot machine: if you do not impose your own rules and may be vulnerable to such games, it could happen that at the end of the money you suddenly have a surprisingly long month to spare.

You have your finances under control? Then it is only necessary to find the right Coin Master offer for your urgently needed Coin Master Spins: In the menu item “Loading” you will always find lots of Coin Master Spins under “Attempts” – sometimes they are also available here, for example 40 percent more Coin Master Spins at the same price For more offers, the game shows you large pop-up windows and the small icons on the main page at the slot machine. Compare and choose wisely!

You should keep your hands off these Coin Master Spins!

We can not point that out often enough: Coin Master Spins and Coin Master Free Spins also have countless, supposed Coin Master Hacks, Coin Master Cheats, Coin Master Tricks, etc. Do not let mislead you into misery – no matter how sexy they sound.

There are also so-called “Daily Spins and Coins” via Coin Master Links, which you can find on various sites like the well-known CoinMasterHeaven and which actually give you a free click or touch each day with new, free Coin Master spins and coins. Actually a nice thing, if not for the fact that almost all of these sites show suspicious behavior.

Is there (if at all) so only appropriately secured (installed and correctly configured security programs, etc.) and downloads nothing. Click on the Coin Master links at your own risk! For Coin Master Free Spins, we recommend one of the methods described in this article above, and do not recommend clicking links to such sites, even if they actually do bring you spins and coins.

coin master free cards

coin master free cards

Coin Master cards are a gameplay section of Coin Master that only opens up after you’ve played a bit of a Coin Master. At first, the Coin Master developers obviously want you to internalize the basic mechanics of Coin Master before letting you get the Coin Master free cards.

Basically, Coin Master is a slot machine with features that classic slot machines do not offer. The theme of this article alone makes that clear: Coin Master free Cards. But there’s more to Coin Master: with the coins you win at the Coin Master Machine, you can build pretty little villages, among other things.

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5 Tips to be Successful in Coin Master

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

At the same time you can attack the villages of other players in Coin Master or defend your village – provided you get the correct fields when shooting at the machine. On top of that, there are numerous bonus options and events, but it really only really interesting with the Coin Master free cards.

Coin Master Cards: Basics

The Coin Master cards are split into different sets, and depending on where you arrived in Coin Master, you’ll unlock more set boxes, which you can then fill with the corresponding Coin Master cards. So be prepared for fierce card collecting fever!

Important to know: The Coin Master cards you get depend on player reports as to how advanced your village is. This means that the starting villages will hardly give you rare Coin Master cards – but later villages will. Assuming of course the Coin Master developers do not change that with any update, which of course can never be ruled out.

If you complete a set, you will receive various bonuses such as additional shoots on the Coin Master machine or a new pet. The latter, in turn, can be very helpful to you if you want to capture even more Coin Master cards, as you will learn in the next paragraph.

This is how you get Coin Master free cards

For example, you can get Coin Master cards as prizes at special events or on raids as you dig for coins in other players’ villages. Sometimes you discover a chest with Coin Master cards in it. Chests can also be purchased with the coins you receive while playing Coin Master.

To do this, select in the menu the item “Load” and then “Chests”. As you can see, you have the choice between a relatively cheap wooden chest, a gold chest and an expensive, magical chest. You probably already suspect: The more expensive the chest, the higher the probability of finding even rare Coin Master cards in it.

However, there are other ways to get Coin Master free cards. Double Coin Master cards can be passed on to other Coin Master players. This opens up the opportunity for one or the other exchange, which may finally give you the one special Coin Master card you’ve been looking for for so long. There are even special file sharing games for Coin Master cards and the game will automatically suggest you, after a while, to link you to a particular one on Facebook.

What you should do under no circumstances

Please keep your fingers off the numerous cheats and hacks that go around Coin Master on the net. You promise endless coins or ultra-rare Coin Master cards and everything you want – the main thing is, you install a small program. Please do not fall for it.

You should also exercise caution when it comes to the many opportunities in Coin Master to spend your hard-earned money: Since Coin Master is based on slot machines, you should generally take care of your wallet. We recommend that you at least set a fixed limit on spending on Coin Master, for example, per month from the outset and then really does not exceed. Even with the in-game currency can be fun.

5 Tips to be Successful in Coin Master

5 Tips to be Successful in Coin Master

Shoot again, free trials available! So you are lured into a game, which is currently being hyped right. Coin Master is a game app from Moon Active, which is a mix of slot machine casino and building game. With a lot of weight on the first element. But it is popular because of the possibility to attack and attack friends as well. We have been playing for some time now, although as an app gamer in connection with Coin Master, we tend to say the term “game” with a skeptical look. Which brings us to tip 1. So go ahead and not so much rhubarb here in advance.

The following five tips for Coin Master come from our own gaming experience. Maybe you see them differently, maybe you have other experiences? Either way, we just want to be helpful. No hate.

1st tip: Has the game

Yes, it did. But do not look for it. The app is extremely designed to force you into action. It’s basically a game of chance. The developers are still on top of it. Let’s describe it this way: You get up early, take a shower and brush your teeth, then buy a quick snack in the subway? So in the way Coin Master would like to condition you for it. So last but not least. So buy. Keep the necessary distance despite the social pressure. Pay no money in, if necessary, even look advertising, even if the very little brings. So do not play too much, because you will regret it later. This rather warning brings us to Coin Master Tip 2.

More attempts at Coin Master

Free trials, use this Cheathack and so on. There is not any. Here in an article we have shown the four, five ways for more free trials . So you can get some through the map collections, as well as through this attack bar above the wheel. But please keep your distance from the store, where measly 25 attempts cost the same time 2.40 euros. That may not seem like much to you now, but think about why there is a package with 2800 attempts for 120 euros. N / A? So our most important tip for steady progress is that you should only play once a day.

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Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Coin Master Strategy – Tips and Guide

Systematically we have listed here 10 tips for more shootings and spins. Do you already know everybody?

3.The game goal

Play. Should be used by far, the word. What is it all about? Actually, it’s about progressing in the village levels. Of course you can do that if you make a lot of spins. That brings back coins. And attacks and attacks. In the village level, but you should move forward mainly because you unlock new game features so. Pretty soon, the map collection in the village 3. From then on, there are always new mapsets unlock, also collects many of the cards only in newer villages. The developer writes, you should go to the next, if the previous cards doubled.

4.More rewards

You get more chests and a reward at the levelup. Otherwise you should keep an eye on the events. If they cost nothing

Rewards are available for card collections as well. But it is extremely difficult without the help of friends to complete it. If you want to have more coins , read on here: Coin Master Earn more coins.

Coin Master is a Facebook game

Facebook. Coin Master is actually not an app, but an extension to Facebook so to speak. Like in the old days when you played on the platform itself. Ahem. You can play Coin Master as a guest and you will be attacked. But Coin Master actually wants you to sign up via Facebook and share the virus with your friends. There are 50 attempts to sign up, then another for the invitation. It can attack friends and request cards and send.

Lastly, a lame tip that still has to be pure. But no headline gets. Activate the “Put x3” on the machine to save your time (even 5x for events). You then use the same multiple energy value, but also receive the multiple reward for each payout. Automatic turning is not wrong.

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

All That You Wanted To Know In Coin Master Tips and Tricks!


The Coin Master game is an entertaining one that can be enjoyed by all age groups. However, parents need to keep a check on their kids if they are making in-app purchases. Otherwise, it is a clean and interesting online game that can be played by kids and adults alike. It requires a couple of minutes to download the game on Android devices. Once downloaded, you can start playing instantly!


In the settings section of the game, you can put ‘on’ the sound and music for extra effects. You can even put ‘on’ the volume to get notifications for raids and attacks, and general notifications. If you have problems in playing the game, then you can check out the tutorials, which are available in the settings section.


There are numerous places available on the Map. The first 20 places in the right order have been mentioned in the list below. So, the Land of Vikings is the first village that you will come across in the game and The Arctic is the 20th village. Other than these, there are many other places that you can unlock. As you keep progressing in the game, you will be able to unlock these places.

  • Land of Vikings.
  • Ancient Egypt.
  • Snowy Alps.
  • Far East.
  • Stone Age.
  • Sunny Hawaii.
  • The Future.
  • Arabian Nights.
  • Moon Landing.
  • Wild West.
  • The Arctic.

Social Media Sites – Facebook:

An easy option for earning more spins is to connect the game through Facebook. By connecting to Facebook, you will get the below-mentioned perks:

  • You will be able to join and play with millions of players from across the world.
  • You can share your experiences and acquire some knowledge on the game by being friends with them.
  • 50 Extra Spins to spend.
  • 1M Coins to Build.
  • You will be able to save your progress.
  • You can play with your friends and try to become the next Coin Master.

Moreover, you will even be able to avail some of the finest offers that are provided by the developers. There are numerous contests held on Facebook that gives a chance to win innumerable Spins or Coins. You can keep an eye on them and try to participate in all these contests. For instance, by commenting or sharing a post, you can get a chance to win 300 Spins. Cool, isn’t it?


There are several Gifts available in the game. One of the gifts is to invite friends and get free spins. The Coins and Spins that you send to friends will not be deducted from your balance.

You will even come across some special offers in the game wherein within a time period if you purchase certain amount of Coins and Spins then you will get 50% discount. Players who are ready to spend real world money can avail these discounts and enjoy the game.


At the Leaderboard, you will be able to know the name of those players who have earned lots of trophies in the game. Moreover, you can even know the player who has earned highest number of Stars country-wise or globally. You can even check out their villages by clicking on their name. If you are a novice then this will help you to understand the game better as you can check other players’ achievements.


You can purchase Spins from the game shop in fixed amounts like 20 Spins, 55 Spins, 150 Spins, etc. or simply generate them with Coin Master Hack. The higher the quantity of Spins you purchase the more discounts you will get. For instance, if you purchase 650 Spins then you will get 30% more Spins. The best value pack consists of 1,350 Spins wherein you will get 35% more Spins.

Coins And Chests:

Coins are the primary currency of the game. You can earn Coins by winning at the Slot Machine. Another way to earn Coins is by spending real world money. Coins can be bought from the game shop. The more Coins you buy the better discounts you can avail!

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The best value pack of coins is the one that will give you 60,000,000 Coins, which will be 140% more than the original value. Moreover, the most popular Coins pack is the one where you can earn 4,000,000 Coins at 60% more than the original value. Chests can be unlocked by reaching Level 3. The Chests are also available at the game shop. When you reach village 4, you will be able to unlock the Pets collection.


To conclude, Coin Master is a fun game that can keep you busy for several days. So, indulge in the game with your family and try to build the strongest village!

Coin Master Strategy – Tips and Guide

Coin Master Strategy – Tips and Guide

Coin Master is an engrossing online game where you need to spin the slot machine in order to progress. Whatever you get on the slot machine will decide the steps that need to be taken in the game. Mentioned below are the details on what requires to be done when you will receive shield, hammer, or pig face while spinning the slot machine:


A shield is an important resource in the game. If you acquire Shield on the slot machine, then you can use it for protecting your village from the attack of opponents. However, remember that the Shield can be used only for a single attack. You will have to acquire another Shield to use for the next time. Whenever you acquire a Shield, you should plan to attack other player’s villages as you do not have to worry about your own village because it is shielded.


If you procure a hammer while spinning the slot machine, then you can use it for attacking other villages. Hammer can be used for attacking 1-5 villages. Once you have successfully attacked the opponents, you will be rewarded with Coins, the in-game currency. If an opponent attacks your village, then you need to wait until it recovers completely. Once your village is recovered, you can attack others.


When you get a pig face in the slot machine, then it is time to rejoice. A pig face is the best picture that you could acquire by spinning the slot machine. With it, you can attack other villages and steal their Coins. So, ensure that you select a village carefully as it should have many Coins. Remember that there is a time limit to steal Coins, so do not waste your time in doing unnecessary things. Just loot the village first! A pig face is the best way to take revenge from those players who have attacked your village.

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How To Get Free Spins Repeatedly?

There is a limited amount of spins that you can get each day. Once the five spins get over for the day, you can make use of the below mentioned steps to acquire them again:

  • First step is to close your game properly on the playing device. You can do it by restarting your gaming device.
  • Click on the date setting icon of your device. Set your time forward by one day.
  • Next step is to open the game on the same device.
  • You will notice that you have acquired free spins again. Enjoy!

The aforesaid steps can be followed whenever you require additional spins in the game. Ensure that you change back your time again.

Advantages Of Connecting Your Game To Facebook:

By connecting your game to the official Facebook page, you can acquire several goodies. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The one-time reward that you will get by connecting with FB is 100K Coins.
  • Make plenty of friends on social media sites and enjoy your favorite game by playing with them.
  • Check your friend’s village profile easily through FB.
  • You will earn 50 extra spins on the slot machine.
  • You can save your progress in the game through Facebook.

Keep Track Of Your In-Game Currencies:

Before you spin the slot machine, you need to check the amount of Coins in your account. There are situations when you attack other villages and your village gets attacked too. To come out of these circumstances, you need to have some Coins in your gaming account otherwise you will not be able to succeed further in the game.


You will come across several mini-games, which are quiet interesting. Successful completion of mini-games will provide some additional Coins. These games are easy to play and gets over quickly. They are based on score system and the higher your scores, the better you earn. So, playing them often would let you generate plenty of in-game currency.


You can acquire various gifts in the game. One of the most commonly obtained gifts is to invite friends to play the game and earn free Spins. In return, you can send several Coins and Spins as gift to your friends. The number of Spins and Coins that you send to your friends will not be deducted from your gaming account.


Keep a track on the special offers that are available in the game. One of them is that you need to buy certain number of Coins and Spins within a time period by spending real money. Once you do that, you can avail a discount of 50%. This offer is perfect for gamers who are ready to spend their hard-earned money on buying virtual currencies. For the rest of the gamers, they can make use of Coin Master Cheats to generate currencies instantly.


This is a perfect tip for new gamers as by checking the leaderboard, they will get an idea of the achievements made by various players. At the leaderboard, you can know about the player who has acquired highest number of Stars across the world or in a particular country. Another aspect that you can check here is the village profile of each player by clicking on their names. Leaderboard certainly is a great way to understand several aspects of the game.

So, make use of the tips and tricks to progress quickly in Coin Master Game. The game can be enjoyed by all ages, so have fun while playing with your family!