5 Tips to be Successful in Coin Master

5 Tips to be Successful in Coin Master

Shoot again, free trials available! So you are lured into a game, which is currently being hyped right. Coin Master is a game app from Moon Active, which is a mix of slot machine casino and building game. With a lot of weight on the first element. But it is popular because of the possibility to attack and attack friends as well. We have been playing for some time now, although as an app gamer in connection with Coin Master, we tend to say the term “game” with a skeptical look. Which brings us to tip 1. So go ahead and not so much rhubarb here in advance.

The following five tips for Coin Master come from our own gaming experience. Maybe you see them differently, maybe you have other experiences? Either way, we just want to be helpful. No hate.

1st tip: Has the game

Yes, it did. But do not look for it. The app is extremely designed to force you into action. It’s basically a game of chance. The developers are still on top of it. Let’s describe it this way: You get up early, take a shower and brush your teeth, then buy a quick snack in the subway? So in the way Coin Master would like to condition you for it. So last but not least. So buy. Keep the necessary distance despite the social pressure. Pay no money in, if necessary, even look advertising, even if the very little brings. So do not play too much, because you will regret it later. This rather warning brings us to Coin Master Tip 2.

More attempts at Coin Master

Free trials, use this Cheathack and so on. There is not any. Here in an article we have shown the four, five ways for more free trials . So you can get some through the map collections, as well as through this attack bar above the wheel. But please keep your distance from the store, where measly 25 attempts cost the same time 2.40 euros. That may not seem like much to you now, but think about why there is a package with 2800 attempts for 120 euros. N / A? So our most important tip for steady progress is that you should only play once a day.

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3.The game goal

Play. Should be used by far, the word. What is it all about? Actually, it’s about progressing in the village levels. Of course you can do that if you make a lot of spins. That brings back coins. And attacks and attacks. In the village level, but you should move forward mainly because you unlock new game features so. Pretty soon, the map collection in the village 3. From then on, there are always new mapsets unlock, also collects many of the cards only in newer villages. The developer writes, you should go to the next, if the previous cards doubled.

4.More rewards

You get more chests and a reward at the levelup. Otherwise you should keep an eye on the events. If they cost nothing

Rewards are available for card collections as well. But it is extremely difficult without the help of friends to complete it. If you want to have more coins , read on here: Coin Master Earn more coins.

Coin Master is a Facebook game

Facebook. Coin Master is actually not an app, but an extension to Facebook so to speak. Like in the old days when you played on the platform itself. Ahem. You can play Coin Master as a guest and you will be attacked. But Coin Master actually wants you to sign up via Facebook and share the virus with your friends. There are 50 attempts to sign up, then another for the invitation. It can attack friends and request cards and send.

Lastly, a lame tip that still has to be pure. But no headline gets. Activate the “Put x3” on the machine to save your time (even 5x for events). You then use the same multiple energy value, but also receive the multiple reward for each payout. Automatic turning is not wrong.

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